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About us

Our team of experienced traders and AI experts have developed Immediate Momentum. It’s a top-notch trading platform for all kinds of traders. Immediate Momentum delivers exceptional accuracy and speed!

We are a team from around the world. We're all passionate to shape the future of trading.

At Immediate Momentum, we’re changing the game in trading through AI. We’re teaming up skilled traders with the latest technology to create a platform that’s quick, accurate, and designed to boost earnings.

Our team is a bunch of dedicated individuals from around the world. They’re full of unique, innovative ideas. With the blend of human skills and AI abilities, we’re on a mission to transform the trading journey.

Jan 2021

Immediate Momentum Journey Started

Immediate Momentum was made with one goal in mind: to change the trading world using the power of AI.

Dec 2021

Acquired $7m in Funding

The company managed $7 million in funding. This helps us to make the platform better and grow our team.

July 2022

Beta Version Released

We launched the beta version of Immediate Momentum. We asked users to use it and tell our development team what they think.

Sept 2022

Immediate Momentum Launched Worldwide

Immediate Momentum started offering its products all over the world. This gives users everywhere access to top-notch trading technology. It’s a big step in the company’s mission to change the industry.

Trade Smarter Today!

Step into the future of trading with Immediate Momentum. Our platform uses the power of artificial intelligence and big data to give you the best trading options. Get ready to make a profit with incredible precision like never before!